San Beda College Of Hazing

Social networking sites were abuzz over Mark Andrei Marcos’ death, which came just 5 months after another San Beda law freshman, Marvin Reglos, died during alleged initiation rites of the Lambda Rho Beta fraternity.

A National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) official earlier said Marcos died of kidney failure after a severe beating caused his skeletal muscle to secrete myoglobin or muscle protein, which affects the kidneys.

Police said they are investigating 3 school fraternities in the latest hazing death in San Beda. The 3 are Lambda Rho Beta, Lex Talionis and Lex Leonum.


There should be no denying that hazing is for cowards. Genuine leadership and camaraderie comes from journeying to make people better. Finding shared struggles that bring out nobility. Hazing is a short cut and a poor excuse for courage.

You don’t look for “brothers” who would support you even in your wrongdoings. It is condescending to form alliances with peers who you perceive would just help cover-up your mistakes. It is not necessary to feel pain alongside supposed-to-be friends when the real aim is to enjoy the struggles of life.

The most challenging yet successful way to bring brotherhood among man is to journey with him through all of life’s challenges, and, it takes greater courage to face the demons within and slay them— much greater courage than physical harm. To guide, support, accompany someone as he slays these demons bonds and creates a brotherhood more solid than gold.

I really do not understand why a fraternity is formed with a requirement to inflict “test” of manhood for those who wish to become members. It is alright to form a brotherhood, but it should have a moral obligation to uphold integrity and not infamy.

But I am afraid to accept the reality that as long as there are still people who feel the need to belong, there will always be people who feel the need to dominate.

In this skewed belief of a brotherhood, it’s all about the beastly nature of humans: for every predator there is a willing victim… and we spectators get all the heartaches.

The victim should have known better with the string of unfortunate events involving hazing not to have joined this so called brotherhood. Shame on those people he was eager to call brother…

…and to think that these students will soon become lawyers.

Let us put a stop to this cycle of violence and impunity at the level of the academe.

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  1. Arsenio Reyes
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 11:47:15

    Very good articles which simply states the wrongful and/or misguided practices of fraternities leading to undesirable deaths.

    Fraternities per se may not be evil but what they do to becomes pure evil particularly hazing. What is good therefore in the sudden and unwanted death of a person because of hazing.

    Condolence to the families of the victims.


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