The Filipino Spirit Is Calamity-Proof

Relentless monsoon downpour since August 7 caused massive waist-deep flooding in most parts of Metro Manila and other nearby provinces. A lot of the areas in NCR (National Capital Region) has been flooded;  forcing tens of thousands of families to evacuate, immobilizing schools and office operations and leaving a number of casualties according to news reports.

This is another heartbreaking catastrophe for the Philippines. Some of our fellowmen have never gotten over the past tropical storm Ondoy disaster in 2009 and Sendong just last year and yet, our country has experienced another deluge once again which has been reported to have surpassed the previous Ondoy rainfall record. (source)

As we continue to pray for the Philippines, let’s not feel helpless because even in our own little way, for sure, there’s something we can do – whether it’s donating goods, disseminating news and information, volunteering for relief operations or if there’s anything else you have in mind, go ahead.

As some people say and I agree, this disaster is not about you. Don’t help just because you seek acknowledgment or just so you feel good about yourself in the process of doing so. God knows your intentions. Posting about ways to help encourages and motivates others to follow suit but it’s disappointing how others use this tragedy for their own agenda or “self promotion”.

I’ve collated below some of the issues that sprung during the “Habagat” flooding.

Mitos Magsaysay tweeted the statement: “Heaven must be crying, we should undo what has been done” after torrential rains and heavy floods hit Metro Manila and surrounding provinces.

She said: “I was shocked that an innocent comment about undoing the effects of the abuses suffered by Mother Nature in the hands of mankind would be taken so far out of context. I was not even asked about what I meant before it was all posted online.”

In all fairness to her, she didn’t hashtag NotoRHBill in that tweet. Question is, what was really at the back of her head when she posted that? It may have been blown out of proportions given that she’s a know advocate of the Anti-RH campaign, and because her tweet was thrown in among all those nonsense “Biblical-kuno” blabber. Heaven would know if she’s telling the truth in this statement of clarification. Just saying. Oh, and don’t bash me. I’m not trying to defend her. I’m Pro-RH Bill and I’m trying to be objective.

Problem with Mitos is that she is arrogant enough to think that people dont see through her hypocrisy and that they will swallow the cheeky lies she habitually spouts.

Ali Atienza has laughingly used the tragedy as a way to put weight to the importance of being against the RH bill. He posted on his FB page that if you don’t have kids, who would help you clean out your flooded homes?

The nerve of this politician!

BPOs and Call Centers like Teleperformance has required its employees to continue reporting for work inspite of the floods and heavy rains. It has rebtted this statement saying this was not an official announcement. But news reports still claim otherwise.

Teleperformance Official Statement
To our Dear Teleperformance Employees,
Our primary goal is to ensure your safety, as we continue to provide services to our clients. While we still encourage you to come to work, you can only do so if it is safe for you to travel. Employees who will be finishing their shifts today will also be provided food in the site pantry. Employees who will report to our Metro Manila sites today will be entitled to a holiday premium pay. Those who have missed their shift on August 7 will not incur any EAF point and will still be eligible for Attendance Bonus.
Once again, we hope for everyone’s safety and well-being. For additional questions you may have on your shift for today, please call TPLink at (02) 857-3222.
Thank you.
Even relief goods are being named using a politicians name as in the “Jobo” rice. Jobo and Vicvic Magsaysay are the sons of Representative Mitos Magsaysay. Mitos: ” It’s pathetic how people try to demonize a good project not funded by govt to sell commercial rice at 23.75 to my district. Crab mentality”.

Jobo rice: and when did this strain of rice ‘invented’

Complaints have reached us that LGUs that have scheduled PNoy appearance are making people wait for PNoy and the media before they start distributing to the hungry and victims of flood. They are making these people suffer again just for publicity.

Kawawa naman ang Pilipinas pero mas lalong nagiging kawawa dahil sa mga taong mapagsamantala..Donation yan at di galing sa sarili nilang bulsa..Pero parang gusto nilang ipakita na sa kanila nagmula ang tulong para sa sariling interest lamang.

President Benigno Simeon Aquino III with sister Kris and some members of his cabinet on board a military truck inspect the extent of flood along the streets of Brgy. Tunasan in Muntinlupa after distributing relief goods to affected residents in the area.

I think it was important for the President to be seen yesterday but for the others on the truck I’m not sure about it. But I am happy for those who were given relief goods.

“Tumabi-tabi na po tayo, dadaan na ang mga magbibigay ng relief…ESTE dadaan na ang mga nag a-ADVANCE CAMPAIGN para sa susunod na eleksyon! Pakihanda na po ang inyong mga camera at videocams.. MOTORCADE po ito. SMILE”

So selfish and unfair….They are using DPWH Quezon City government properties para sa sariling kapakanan. Gaano kaya kataas position niya at since midnight pa mga DPWH workers na nandito para mag work sa bahay niya. Please I hope makarating ito sa media..Its to siphon water out of the plumbing of a household…Address is at Nixon Street Parkwood Greens Executive Village Maybunga, Pasig City.

Requesting for assistance from kind-hearted pet organizations to help rescue this poor dog. He was left inside the cage for over 3 days already when his owners evacuated their house. The house is located at 5th St., Country Homes Subdivision, Barangay Sta. Lucia, Pasig City.

If you see animals or pets in need of rescue please contact PETA. Call 817-5292.

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