Got Something To Hide? Corruption in the Government

“How come there are several government agencies, institutions, controlled corporations, etc., that refuses to promote the Freedom of Information bill? Do they really have a lot of things to hide, and would they really be implicating themselves in a lot of irregularities if they meet eye-to-eye with the people and reveal their operational methods and budget allocations?

They would probably have a lot of explaining to do with regards to justifying how they spent the funding for the project.If they have nothing to hide, they would support the Freedom of Information bill, ….actually, even without the bill, they should allow everyone access to the said information, unless they are really guilty of corrupt practices.

I was shocked when I’ve learned that this government agency was trying to spend every bit of the funding provided to them not because it was necessary but just because there’s still plenty of budget to spend (or waste), so spend it even on trivial and excessive, or redundant things.

Imagine the extravagant cost of operational procedures especially among their executives (allowances on meals, communications, automation, transportation, hotel accommodations, etc) being ultimately significant if compared to the actual basic needs.

This is a government agency where you would see management having the latest and high-end models of laptops, mobile phones, tablets, Internet accounts, purchased out of tax-payers’ money only to be brought home and used by their children most of the time.

When I reported the issues to the highest in position, I was told they would conduct an investigation, but it has been months already that passed and yet no updates on the status of the investigation, if ever there was, could be given.

My communications were also being avoided. No replies to my emails, posting and sending messages to their FB page was blocked, phone calls were never returned, and the points on my formal letter of complaint were never answered directly.

Avoiding to give a direct reply and keeping a code of silence only means one thing. They are guilty.”

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  1. Arsenio Reyes
    Sep 13, 2012 @ 15:38:54

    Yes Sir, in the long run the FOI bill if passed into law provides a good opportunity to have very good people in government since they will eventually have to avoid all those abuses as you have mentioned and the benefits of slashing those improper spendings may go to projects that would benefit actual poor people.

    Those who have intentions other than honest government service or afraid of the impending disclosures will one by one get out of government service.


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