Anti-Epal Movements To Work With the COMELEC

I attended the Anti-Epal discussion organized by the COMELEC and the different Anti-Epal organizations like Anti-Epal/No More Epal, Epalwatch/Blogwatch, Dakila, Juana Change/Mae Paner, Carlos Celdran, etc.

This was at the 8th floor of the Palacio Del Gobernador in Intramuros, Manila.

COMELEC Chairman Sixto Brillantes has confirmed his desire to be part of the Anti-Epal movement and expressed interest in attending the next Epal tour of maybe another city within the Metro, or probably in the provinces.

The Facebook page of Anti-Epal which has already reached more than 26,000 likes as of this time, has made three runs of exposing Epals already. First was with comedian Tado Jimenez where they did an Epal Hunt Bike Ride around Quezon City, and then with Juana Change in Epalinis ang Paranaque, and the third was with Juana Change and Carlos Celdran in Epalibutin ang Quezon City.

I see Tado Jimenez continuing this advocacy (as seen at his SuporTado facebook page) by again running another Epal Hunt bike ride in Cainta and nearby places.

@momblogger and @philippinebeat has also setup an Anti-Epal website called Epalwatch which contains several pictures of the likes of these Epals submitted by concerned citizens equally infuriated with the immoral practices of most of our politicians especially the incumbents who shamelessly promote and advertise themselves as if they are commodities by adding their names, faces, initials, and even symbols on government-funded projects.

The movements against Epals are indeed growing especially now that the 2013 election is just a few months away, and the filing of candidacy already starts this October. Social Media has definitely made a huge contribution to the increasing awareness of the public towards the irregularities of our government officials.

But what is this I heard about PNoy signing a Cybercrime Prevention Act? This move may become a deterrent to the social media peeps who have been very active online expressing their frustrations towards the government. Though, I’m sure a certain Senator is very happy with this news update.

Is social media going to lie low because of this development, or will it just create more anonymous or secret identities online? People may no longer want to reveal their true identities because of the fear that the government may file charges against their venting over social media.

The new law should focus on fighting cybersex, identity theft, and other similar cybercrimes but it should not prevent and demotivate people from expressing themselves online. Online activism is better than going to the streets and destroying life and property.

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