Enrile Versus Trillanes: The Oldest Versus the Youngest in the Senate

There goes JPE self-destructing!

There goes JPE berating a younger senator again. Don’t know if Trillanes is guilty of JPE’s accusations but he has been more forthright than JPE has ever been.

The worst thing that can happen to someone is being berated IN PUBLIC and on national TV.

Trillanes says Enrile is a “lackey” who is still under the influence of CGMA, and “bullying” senators to force passage of the bill dividing Camarines Sur into two provinces. He mentioned frequent visits of the older Villafuerte to Enrile’s office, and CGMA’s phone call to Enrile as if to pressure the oldest senator to rush the process. He then cautions Enrile when the Senate President started revealing what he calls national security issues regarding discussions with China involving the Scarborough Shoal tensions. When he could not stop Enrile from talking, he then walks out of the Senate floor and later declared quitting the Majority in the Senate because he had lost faith in Enrile’s leadership.

Enrile reveals that the younger Senator’s anger was because of his refusal to give Trillanes’ additional budget requests, and then informs the public of Trillanes’ backchannel negotiation with China. Enrile called Trillanes a coward when he walked out of the Senate floor, accused Trillanes of being a “fraud” and a “fifth columnist,” or traitor. Enrile said he was out to unmask the “Phantom of the Opera” of Philippine politics. Enrile also declared that there is no information revealed that could be considered as critical to National Security, and that Trillanes negotiations with China did not result to any favorable outcome benefitting the country.

I think the walk-out was the less evil thing to do, instead of arguing with someone whom he would like to respect. Trillanes could have, in so many ways, ignored and berated JPE.

Rules are there to create order. I think this was what senator Allan Peter Cayetano was saying on the video below.

JPE to Cayetano: “Your Honor, I’ve been in charge of national security in this country before you were born and I know what I’m talking about.”…hahaha

By that, JPE meant he’s one of the chief architects of Martial Law.

Trillanes called Enrile, “a bully.” Enrile called Trillanes “a fraud.” Beijing called and said, “Welcome everyone to the club!”

Nakakairita ang nangyari sa senado. Grabe! Sino kaya ang nagsasabi ng totoo? RAM o Magdalo?

Ganyan po talaga ang buhay. Palaging may dalawang sides, kung sino mananalo sila ang tama. History is written by the victor. Utopia is impossible to achieve. Kaya dapat panindigan ang iyong mga paniniwala..Laban lang ng laban.

Though I believe kaya inilabas ni Enrile ang issue ng back-channeling ni Trillanes ay para mawala sa mata ng lipunan ang paghahati ng Camsur. Iniwasan ni Enrile ang usapan di ba? At inungkat niya ang pagiging transparent ni Trillanes, pero state secrets are state secrets
at ang back-channel moves ni Trillanes ay secret dapat di ba?

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