Anti-Epal Movement Heroes: Supercuddlyfuckinhilariouscomicallyinsaneheroes

Juana Change and Carlos Celdran. Just some of the modern day ” Supercuddlyfuckinhilariouscomicallyinsaneheroes”, or  “supercomicalheroes” for short, of the Philippines.

There’s also Tado Jimenez and his Epal Hunt Bike Rides, Bogart the Explorer (maybe because of his The Filipino Snatcher, The Filipino Squatter, etc series), Lourd De Veyra via Word of the Lourd, Ramon Bautista and his many wild and insane antics,  and other “comic” or “comedians”  who attack the issues in a humorous way.

That’s their style, and they do get the people’s attention indeed!

They do not just make us laugh, they also help somehow, in their own humorous but often sincere way, raise our awareness about the irregularities (evils, depressive state, erring politicians, immoral citizens, etc.) of society.

Would you take them seriously despite the outer humorous appearance?
I believe its an effective attack against the rotten and misguided members of society – laugh the unethical and immoral off the face of the earth. Make them a laughing stock and shame them until they fold and grow a conscience.

Sabi nga ni Joker kay Batman “Why so serious?”
Pwede naman nating gulpihin and mga “Joker” habang nakangiti, di ba?

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