The Government Perks and Privileges: The Lifestyle of a High-Ranking Government Official

Here are just some of the lifestyles I’ve personally witnessed as the common practice of high-ranking government officials. In government it has been a culture already established and accepted even before we were all born. You would rarely see these in private corporations especially if its family owned. I guess “some”, and not all but most, of these high-ranking government officials believe they are the creme of the crop, and have the privilege to do so. They are the special children of God. It is uncanny they are called ‘public servants” because we treat them as our masters.

1. They come to the office late but leave early – You won’t find them during early office hours (usually arrives before lunch time) and they go home early before everyone else (usually leaves the office at around 3 pm or earlier). They do not know what an 8-hour office shift is. Their office is empty 90 % of the time.

2. They have very flexible working hours – Very elusive creatures that appear only during certain occasions. Only present during signature signing of much delayed forms and contracts, monthly executive committee meetings, photo ops with VIPs or celebrity endorsers, etc. They are not part of the 40 hour per week time requirement but are paid in full regardless of absence and tardiness.
3. Always on tour of the Philippines and other countries – There would always be activities requiring their presence just for executing scripted and not-their-own-words inspirational messages, opportunities for a multitude of photo ops for the media, and numerous orchestrated smiles and handshakes for the common people.Otherwise, attending seminars that they would never even bother to apply their learning in actual office scenarios because they would just ask their staff to do the dirty work for them.4. Meetings would always fall within lunch time – Generous feasts are always provided during or after meetings even if it happens only within a few minutes. An automatic budget for sumptuous meals or snacks accompanies every gathering or representation.

5. Extravagant operational expenses and VIP treatment– Government funding provides for their high-end mobile phones, laptops, tablets, top of the line service vehicles, expensive hotel accommodations, VIP travel and flight packages, generous serving of meals, and other perks and privileges., would always be the best, and for VIPs, and the rest goes to their staff, while the ordinary Filipino people get the least and even have to pay for the forms to get some service from the government.

More, more, more….

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  1. Arsenio Reyes
    Sep 20, 2012 @ 10:11:35

    Seems there’s no end in sight for the above-stated nonsense, malpractices and wastage of people’s money.


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