The Best Dim Sum House in Cebu is Now in Manila

The favorite dim sum house in Cebu is now in Manila

Dimsum Break has just officially opened its very first branch in Manila located at the 3rd floor of SM Annex of SM City North EDSA with its grand launch a few days ago. The ribbon-cutting ceremonies were attended by corporate guests, members of the media and bloggers. There was also a dragon dance to drive away the evil spirits, and the best is the free-tasting of their very popular fried and steamed dim sums.

The owners and other VIPs getting ready for the ribbon cutting

The scissors that were used in the ribbon cutting ceremonies

Flowers and balloons adorned the entrance of Dimsum Break

Requested to take a picture of the “dragon team” before they do the ceremony

The red dragon to drive away the evil spirits

The yellow dragon to drive away the evil spirits

Balloons where everywhere during the Grand opening of Dimsum Break

The red and green balloons represent the colors of Dimsum Break

Dimsum Break is popularizing the novel means of serving dim sum—the interactive style. The new interactive service setup is found. This setup allows customers to get their dim sum in a dash. All they have to do is line up at the counter, personally get their dim sum favorites, pay at the cashier, and be on their way to enjoy the food be it in store or out. It is perfectly positioned to answer the needs and demands of fast-paced lifestyles while paying homage to the tradition of authentic dim sum dining.

Bloggers take some pictures of the Dimsum Break dishes

The store also offers the biggest number of dim sum choices at it has over 20 steamed and fried dim sum dishes. These dim sum dishes are best combined with Dimsum Break’s signature dish—the Original Steamed Fried Rice, creation of the late Mr. Uytengsu.

So many dim sums, so little time to try them all out

The brand Dimsum Break has become synonymous with authentic, quality dim sum cuisine, served from the heart at pocket-friendly rates. A complete package meal would cost a customer only P133—an order of dim sum at P65 plus the rice pot at P68.

The famous steamed fried rice of Dimsum Break

This is where we get the toppings for our steamed fried rice

Bloggers had some fun first identifying every dim sum of Dimsum Break

Fastest group will win gift cheques worth Php 1,000 for each member

Dimsum Break’s simplified menu lineup carries only the best-selling menu items for each dim sum category. Some of the best selling dishes under fried dim sum are the succulent crab pincer, stuffed shrimps, and crispy spring rolls. For steamed dim sum, the shaomai varieties, especially the chunky pork and shrimp are the bestsellers.

One of the many steamed dim sum available at Dimsum Break

One of the many fried dim sum available at Dimsum Break

Enjoyed the dim sums, even the desserts, at Dimsum Break with a fellow blogger

Other bloggers were also present in the event

Listening to the owners discussing about Dimsum Break

Paying attention to the pres conference

Getting ready to bite in – just after a text message , ok!

Dimsum Break takes its concept from the family’s first venture in fast food business, the Ding How Dimsum House. Established in 1969, the brand pioneered the concept of all-day dim sum dining in Cebu.

The dragons went around the branch. Here we can see the bright and cozy interiors of the store

In 1996, Dimsum Break was launched in response to a challenge posed by a mall operator’s offer of serving the dining needs of mall’s late night clientele at the bowling area and movie cinemas. With an initial seating capacity of not more than 40 patrons, the small area made it difficult to apply the serving method of HCDHCI’s other brands at the time which involved dim sum carts.

The Dimsum Break signage

A year after the launch, Dimsum Break expanded in Metropolitan Cebu. Branches opened in Gaisano Fiesta Mall in Tabunok in 1997, Mango Square Mall and GMC Arcade in 2002, Elizabeth Mall in 2003, Ayala Center Cebu and Colon Street in 2004 and Banilad Town Center in 2005. A new breed of Dimsum Break stores opened in Parkmall and Avila Building in General Maxilom Avenue in 2012, and Pacific Mall in Mandaue City in 2011.

They truly have the widest variety

“This is our first fast food chain in Luzon, but including Visayas region, it is already our 16th branch. We are optimistic that this number will continue to increase. Our confidence is based on the significant investment and development we have put in the past five years to support our growing branch network,” shares HCDHCI Marketing Manager Steven Kokseng,

Just look at these delicious food choices – and that’s still not the entire menu

To enumerate, HCDHCI has the following 16 branches:

11 Dimsum Break branches, 3 Harbour City branches and 1 Ding Qua Qua branch

They are all strategically located all over Metropolitan Cebu, and the most recent is the newly opened Dimsum Break located at the 3F Annex of SM North Edsa, Quezon City.

The ambiance of the store was indeed warm. light and cozy

The newest store setup of Dimsum Break exudes a warm, light, and cozy atmosphere to maintain customer involvement through its signature interactive setup at the counter. Modernized equipment and display areas ensure that the freshly cooked food is within easy reach of the customer without sacrificing food quality and safety.

with the owner of Dimsum Break and two other bloggers

I would truly recommend this restaurant to all my friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances….and would definitely always drop by when I’m near the are. In fact, it would be my first choice when I’m in the mood for some Chinese cuisine. Thank you Dimsum Break for setting up a branch in Manila.

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