Faces Of Independence Day

“I am free, no matter what rules surround me.
If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them;
If I find them too obnoxious, I break them.
I am free because I know that
I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”

– Robert A. Heinlein


Bottled Brains For Sale

If bottled brains would be available in the near future, I would be buying these three immediately just to learn what makes them tick. Well, so far they are my favorites – when they showed the country how exquisite and eccentric their minds work during the Chief Justice Renato Corona Impeachment Trial.

Bottled brains anyone? How much are you going to pay to get your hands on them?


The Day Corona Testes-Tified

The “incident” at the Senate Impeachment court where the Chief Justice Renato Corona surprised everyone by his declaration of a waiver allowing most government agencies to access his bank accounts… only to give a pathetic condition later on that all 188 congressmen, who signed his Impeachment complaint, plus a special mentioned Senator Franklin Drilon, would also sign similar waivers, then CJ hurriedly walks out of the courtroom before he could be cross-examined…… was like similar to having sex with your wife at a point where both of you are almost reaching climax, at the peak of intimacy……then all of a sudden your child walks into your room and sees the two of you while in coitous.

When the CJ returned to the courtroom (he probably couldn’t leave because the Senate President and presiding impeachment court senator judge Juan Ponce Enrile ordered all Senate doors and gates locked), he was in a wheelchair….like a limp penis several minutes after pleasing himself.

I believe he’s far more relieved, while most of us at the courtroom had been abruptly stopped from ejaculating!


Scarborough Affair

The Scarborough Islands dispute began when China blocked a Filipino warship from arresting Chinese fishermen in the area, a group of islands and reefs about 140 miles from the Philippines shoreline. Manila requested to take the issue to international court last week. Beijing refused, maintaining that the area is an indisputable part of Chinese territory.

Scarborough Shoal is a classic case of a territorial sovereignty dispute. The Philippines asserts that it has exercised effective occupation and effective jurisdiction over the Shoal since independence in 1946. To reinforce this claim it points out that it built a lighthouse on the Shoal in 1965 and that it has conducted surveys and research in the waters surrounding the Shoal.

China asserts that Scarborough Shoal and its adjacent waters have been Chinese territory for generations and that it discovered the Shoal, incorporated it into its territory and exercised jurisdiction over it. Further, China also claims that the Shoal is included in the Zhongsha Islands, one of the four archipelagoes inside China’s infamous nine-dashed line map to which it has historic claims to sovereignty. China also argues that the Philippines never disputed Chinese jurisdiction until 1979.


The Crown Of Gloria

The Impeachment trial is tomorrow, Monday January 16, 2012.

To keep myself in the loop, I’ve decided to search all over the Internet and compile all the information I deemed pertinent to keep me abreast of all the facts and issues so that when I seat down and listen to the trial proceedings, I won’t be caught uninformed.

Here are some of the many information available online, with some editing and added opinions of my own, and arranged in a way I find more streamlined and conducive to easier understanding – minus some of the hype.

I’ll get back to all of these and insert clearer facts and “subtract” redundant or erroneous entries.

Of course, add my illustrations which I am very fond of. For the meantime, I am sorry to bore you with all the lengthy text.


The Corona Properties

“If they can find it, it’s theirs,” “I’ll execute a deed of donation. If they can show my properties, I’ll just give it to them. The problem with some people, I won’t say who, they think that I am a thief like them.” – Renato Corona.

The alleged Corona properties are located in the cities of Makati, Parañaque, Marikina and Taguig, according to a two-page letter from Land Registration Authority Administrator Eulalio Diaz III.


Monday The 16th

Friday the 13th Vs Monday the 16th

Today is Friday the 13th …Many have superstitions attached to this date that will happen 3 times this year, January, April and July….But I think the people would have to fear more Monday the 16th…for it’s the start of the Impeachment Trial..


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