Share Your Ideas

Do You Wanna Share Your Own Crazy But Cool Ideas Yet Just Don’t Have The Time, The Know-How and The Creativity To Create Your Own Blog??? – what a long header title

Well…I could put your ideas here ….if I find it cool or way better than what I’ve been putting here in my blog.

You could submit your own original factual, fictional,  humorous, or simply weird, witty or uncanny stories,  songs, poems, rants, curses, whether political, technical, biblical, astronomical, sexual, pedophilical, scientifical, umbilical, or anything under the scorching hot sun, or lunacy moon..

I will create the illustrations or graphics I deem fitting and aptly describing or depicting your literary works.

I want my blog to interact with my readers, so I like to put your ideas or experiences here as well.

So don’t be shy and submit your masterpieces to this e-mail:

Thanks, and don’t let the bed bugs bite when you sleep at night !


The Internet Troll

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Biyaheng Pinoy
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 19:52:53

    My advice to you Troll is to be true to your self and blog what you think interests you. No need to follow the norm and be honest as much as possible. I’m sure your blog will turn out great. Goodluck.


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