2013 : Bloggers Traveling Into The Unknown?

into the sea


As the year 2102 finally bids farewell to us, I would like to make a very personal blog post about my observations towards the blogging community. I know I may be new and perhaps have not yet fully known or met the majority of bloggers but what I would be sharing is my first impressions based from what I have observed for the very few months I’ve mingled and worked with my fellow bloggers online and offline.

Many it seems are very passionate with their blogging in terms of being infront of their computers or mobile phones- 25 hours a a day and 8 days a week – with constant updates flooding our Facebook timeline. I can read all about their sighs, their frustrations, their joys and triumphs, etc.. Thanks to social media capable phones (and the free wi-fi Internet access in many establishments such as Burger King, SM and Ayala Malls, and many coffee shops in Metro Manila.

Many are also active attending events like four or more events per day – Wow! Talk about making blogging a fruitful career! Hataw talaga! Kumikitang Kabuhayang Swak na Swak! They get to attend several events, eat sumptuous food, get updated with latest product and services, and bring home plenty of tokens from the organizers. Its truly amazing a blogger can organize his or her schedule to fit several events in just one day.

Many are posting tons of photos on their social media accounts – hundreds of pictures highlighting the event and of course not to miss out on pictures of them rubbing elbows with the popular personalities!

However, I’ve also observed some habits which I believe are faults that may put a bad image on many bloggers (directly or indirectly involved with the issues). Read on!



Hey, I Just Met You…

“I told you… and I m sure there are more to come… some would even be too callous to add.. “Vote Me Maybe” :)”

Above is a Facebook ad of one Congressman, created by a follower (I think). I just replaced the face and the info details to keep him anonymous because I kinda like the guy, and the idea was not his doing. But it’s being spread online and originated from his Facebook account. Funny enough, the admins of the FB page gave their blessings.

This is just one example of how social networking sites are also being used for publicity …..and early campaigning for the 2013 local elections in the Philippines. I have to admit that it really somehow works (well it reached me, didn’t it) especially that many of us are practically online everyday. Call it online brainwashing….or Facebook supremacy!

The number of “Likes” and “Shares” are potentially staggering, and netizens would start talking, whether positively or negatively, it still becomes free publicity.


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