Goodbye Gloria!

Many of us traditionally set off firecrackers and make a lot of noise on New Year’s Eve in the belief that they will drive away the bad luck of the past year and attract good luck in the coming year.

We are up against cultural belief that firecrackers drive away bad spirits, but what the public should know is that the firecrackers are the “evil spirits” themselves.

Bocaue, a municipality in the province of Bulacan, is where the country’s pyrotechnic industry is said to have started. Somewhere along MacArthur Highway, in Barangay Turo in Bocaue, is a place known to firecracker buyers as “The Strip.” It is a highway dotted with rows of firecracker and pyrotechnic stores.

The sale of fireworks is year round. But since it is the holiday season it is not a surprise to see the highway lined with makeshift stalls selling firecrackers of different kinds, sizes and intensity.

More and more are buying firecrackers as the new year approaches. And, along with this, firecracker accidents are on the uptrend. The figures are expected to increase as December 31 approaches.


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