Justice League-al Powerhouse Teams

Everyone is gearing up for the battle that they are to face come 2012.

The Impeachment Trial!

When you hear people going into battle, what do you think of?

We begin to imagine people forming two groups each opposite of another with weapons in their hands. The officers used gunfire as warning shots preparing the way for troops to march towards their destination. The band is playing in the process. Then the officers gave their commands and the two armies raced towards each other as they sing the battle cries.

For the younger generation, we would see a fight between two groups of  powerful beings or creatures with superpowers and high ideals, adorned with fancy costumes or outfits. Each member equipped with ultra-human will and strength, out-of-this-world powers and abilities, or high-tech weaponry. Ready to clash against each other for supremacy, liberty or justice.


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