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No Warrant of Arrest for Abalos

For many reasons that really astounds me at this point, Noynoy Aquino is now being sold to the public by his mesmerized fans and media as “the one.” The great hero whose time has come to  put every single corrupt government official in their rightful places.

However, it seems Benjamin Abalos, former COMELEC chairman, is a bit wiser than all the lawyers of the administration as he was able to temporarily elude a warrant of arrest because his lawyers filed a  very urgent motion for Judicial Determination of Probable Cause on the electoral sabotage case filed against him.

More plainly stated, the lawyers of the former Chairman are asking the RTC judge to decide for himself if probable cause exists to file electoral sabotage charges against their client. The judge, who coincidentally happens to be Judge Jesus Mupas of Pasay RTC Br. 112,  now has to dispose of that motion first before doing pretty much anything else.

I never knew such a motion existed. It seems Abalos can easily outwit us and is probably at home laughing and comfortably relaxed while playing his rubics cube thinking he would always be one step ahead of every legal action of the administration.

My advise to every administration lawyer out there is to further do their research and homework because there might also be other motions out there that they are not aware of that would further impede on our hero’s fight against the villanous bastards that corrupted our land.

If Noynoy would be a superhero, I would simply call him “ Super Pnoy”, because “his DOJ watchlist order is stronger than a TRO, his speech is more powerful than ethics in a criminal justice summit, he would never offer his “balls” or his “bird” in exchange for national interest, he stopped Arroyo from flying on a plane, he is Super Pnoy!”


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