Panatang Ano Ba Yan


Filipino Pledge of Allegiance

Butting in has its rewards. I learned just that when I stuck my nose into a huddle of teenagers (nephews, nieces, cousins) last weekend. The topic was the national anthem and how hard it is to sing it straight on your own. I disagreed and told the group I could sing it straight without buckling.  And that’s exactly what I did (show off!).

But when they asked me to recite the country’s pledge of allegiance (Philippine patriotic oath), Panatang Makabayan, I failed. It is, after all, not commonly heard, much less recited, by those already out of school. Usually done right after singing the national anthem during mandatory morning flag ceremonies, the Panatang Makabayan ng Pilipinas, is a beautiful verse of pledge to the country, as well as to the ideals of being a Filipino.


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