Bomb Droppings

Ever wondered how it will feel like if you would be able to drop a bomb in the middle of a busy community, government institution or business establishment?

Hey, I’m not talking about that kind of bomb, I’m no terrorist! But my bomb would surely explode into smithereens and a lot of splinters or shrapnel would come flying out into several directions out from its point of origin.

But I do have worries. I am frustrated on how our so called leaders and authorities react to such bomb droppings.

I am an ordinary citizen who may come under withering fire if I try to “influence” or seem to “undermine”.

I am perhaps misguided in terms of protocol because I do not believe in protocol. I would like that every man and woman in this earth can freely approach anybody regardless of position or level of authority. My actions would always be motivated by the search for truth and transparency that the Aquino government is purportedly all about.


Lord, Please..Kunin Mo Na Sila, Please.

I love this poem – It sums up most of what needs to be said to the corrupt members of our society.
Now, we just have to muster the guts to say it eye-to-eye.

Lord, please kunin mo na kasi sila, please.

“May mga taong kapag walang masabing tunay nating pagkakamali,
ang itinuturo ay ang mali raw nating pag-uugali.
Hahanapan tayo ng butas para lang masunod ang gusto,
Gagawan ng issue against you at mag-iimbento ng kaso

Ano ba akala nila sa atin, mga bobo at madaling maloko?
Hindi ba nila alam na tayo ay may dangal at prinsipyo
Tatakutin pa tayo at gagamitin ang kanilang posisyon
Para lang ipangalandakan na mas may kapit sila sa institusyon

Ang pantakot nila ay parang sa Defense team ni CJ Corona
“Technicalities” at puro “Objection” ang depensa
Pag tinanong mo kung ano ba talaga ang totoo
Walang masabi kundi “Di lang namin trip ang porma nyo”


Bottled Brains For Sale

If bottled brains would be available in the near future, I would be buying these three immediately just to learn what makes them tick. Well, so far they are my favorites – when they showed the country how exquisite and eccentric their minds work during the Chief Justice Renato Corona Impeachment Trial.

Bottled brains anyone? How much are you going to pay to get your hands on them?


False Prophets or Angels Among Us

I often see this guy with a mobile microphone, and his bike and sign,  every afternoon after working hours between 5:30 to 6:00 pm. He would be talking out loud and babbling about religion.

At the Marikina plaza where a fountain can be seen, you would see this guy all dressed up in formal long sleeves, sometimes paired with slacks or maong pants, leather or topsider shoes.

I’m not really sure from which church or religious sect he came from but I have to admire him for his patience and perseverance to preach to a crowd who would often just pass by and ignore him.

He probably came by bicycle, along with his placard sign which says:

“Mahal ka ni Jesus….Sa pamamagitan ng biyaya ng Dios ay nilasap ni Jesus ang kamatayan dahil sa bawat tao Hebreo 2:9”


Wheelchair and Other “Palusots”

“Ang Kawatang Nagigipit, Sa Wheelchair Kumakapit”

A few months ago, Malacañang refuted a statement of Chief Justice Renato Corona that the root cause of his impeachment was the Supreme Court’s adverse decision on the Hacienda Luisita owned by the President’s family.

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda vehemently denied and stated that the root cause of Corona’s impeachment was Corona’s “lapdog loyalty” to former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as shown by the High Court’s issuance of the TRO against the watchlist order on the former President.

Now that the Impeachment trial is over, many would have to agree  that Corona indeed takes after his “master” for following her “wheelchair” strategy to fish for sympathy.

When all “technicalities” failed, go for the “underdog” approach.


The Day Corona Testes-Tified

The “incident” at the Senate Impeachment court where the Chief Justice Renato Corona surprised everyone by his declaration of a waiver allowing most government agencies to access his bank accounts… only to give a pathetic condition later on that all 188 congressmen, who signed his Impeachment complaint, plus a special mentioned Senator Franklin Drilon, would also sign similar waivers, then CJ hurriedly walks out of the courtroom before he could be cross-examined…… was like similar to having sex with your wife at a point where both of you are almost reaching climax, at the peak of intimacy……then all of a sudden your child walks into your room and sees the two of you while in coitous.

When the CJ returned to the courtroom (he probably couldn’t leave because the Senate President and presiding impeachment court senator judge Juan Ponce Enrile ordered all Senate doors and gates locked), he was in a wheelchair….like a limp penis several minutes after pleasing himself.

I believe he’s far more relieved, while most of us at the courtroom had been abruptly stopped from ejaculating!


Google Translate, Please !

What It Really Means

Chief Justice Renato Corona has quickly made a statement as a response to the testimonies in court of Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales at the Impeachment Trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona. The statements were short but vague for it neither denies nor affirms any truth or falsehood. I made Google Translate do the English to Filipino translation (although a bit rough on some), and also tried to explain what they could probably really mean. If only I could read the mind of the Chief Justice, then it would be fun knowing the truth behind his unexplained wealth.

Para sa ikabubuti ng mga hindi gaanong nakakintindi ng salitang Ingles ay minarapat ko na magsalita rin ng tagalog.

Official statement of Chief Justice Renato Corona on Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales’ testimony on Monday before the impeachment court: 

Renato Corona: The initial testimony of the Honorable Ombudsman is quite unfortunate, if not very malicious.

Google Translate: Ang unang patotoo ng marangal Ombudsman ay lubos na kapus-palad, kung hindi masyadong nakakahamak.

Cheap Injustice: P.I. yang Ombudsman na yan! Palibhasa inggit  lang siya sa akin dahil di siya naging Punong Mahis-Tado.

Comment: Tunay ngang hamak na kapuspalad o mahirap lang kami kung ikukumpara sa napakalaking halaga na posibleng pag-aari ng mo aming Punong Mahistrado. Baka pwedeng bahaginan mo naman kami kahit kaunti lang. Bago pa man bawiin iyang lahat ng gobyerno.

Quite unfortunate series of events, for Corona, his family and his “friends” who have supported him since the Arroyo days. This time he won’t be saved by using the Basa-Guidote family riches, which he and his wife maliciously swindled from the rightful owners of the said family-owned corporation, as an excuse to why he has plenty of assets.



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