2013 : Bloggers Traveling Into The Unknown?

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As the year 2102 finally bids farewell to us, I would like to make a very personal blog post about my observations towards the blogging community. I know I may be new and perhaps have not yet fully known or met the majority of bloggers but what I would be sharing is my first impressions based from what I have observed for the very few months I’ve mingled and worked with my fellow bloggers online and offline.

Many it seems are very passionate with their blogging in terms of being infront of their computers or mobile phones- 25 hours a a day and 8 days a week – with constant updates flooding our Facebook timeline. I can read all about their sighs, their frustrations, their joys and triumphs, etc.. Thanks to social media capable phones (and the free wi-fi Internet access in many establishments such as Burger King, SM and Ayala Malls, and many coffee shops in Metro Manila.

Many are also active attending events like four or more events per day – Wow! Talk about making blogging a fruitful career! Hataw talaga! Kumikitang Kabuhayang Swak na Swak! They get to attend several events, eat sumptuous food, get updated with latest product and services, and bring home plenty of tokens from the organizers. Its truly amazing a blogger can organize his or her schedule to fit several events in just one day.

Many are posting tons of photos on their social media accounts – hundreds of pictures highlighting the event and of course not to miss out on pictures of them rubbing elbows with the popular personalities!

However, I’ve also observed some habits which I believe are faults that may put a bad image on many bloggers (directly or indirectly involved with the issues). Read on!


FTW. Social Media

ftw social media

SOCIAL MEDIA EXERCISE (Online Interaction) for classroom exercise


1.    Like the following articles below located at the Wazzup Pilipinas and Pinoy Tekkie blogs by going to the following URLs or website addresses (http://www.pinoytekkie.blogspot.com and http://www.wazuppilipinas.blogspot.com). Listed below are the complete URLs of the articles. You may search for the topic using the “Search This Blog” search box.

2.    Post  your “complete name” when signing or logging in. Create a Google or Gmail user account if you still do not have one.

3.    Post the reasons on why you agree, or disagree, on the point of view of the author by commenting on the Comments section under the articles. Share to the author your own perception about the issues being discussed.


Social Media and Blogging Summit Fever

Social media is indeed phenomenal! Blogs are definitely influential!

No one would disagree with me that the magic of social media has made an influence to us one way or the other. Facebook and Twitter being the most popular nowadays.

Noone can also go against me in a debate and try to contradict the fact the blogs are more taken seriously than relying on the paid product advertisements or endorsements.

What is the reason behind their success?

People believe in “real” people!


The Social Good Summit 2012 Inspired My First WIM Article

The Social Good Summit organized by Rappler and TweetupMNL was a huge success. The event was undoubtedly jam-packed, ….heck – the pre-registration was filled-up to the rim to which the organizers had to respond by saying the interested participants can try to walk-in coz we all know that some of those who registered online may not actually show up – for many valid or even “sublime” reasons.

…and for the fact that not all who have registered may be just trolls and not so sincere in attending. They just wanted to grab the reservation so if in case they actually made up their fuckin’ mind to attend, a seat is already reserved for them. The seemingly VIPs of the online world.


The Happy Chemicals of Our Brain and the Effects of Social Media

The brain releases dopamine when we approach a reward, and serotonin when we get respect. Oxytocin gives us a good feeling when we trust, and endorphin makes us feel good when we’re injured. These happy chemicals evolved to do a job, not to surge all the time.

We can build new neural pathways to turn on our happy chemicals in new ways with the help of Social media like Facebook and Twitter.


Blog Feature: Dalubhasang Pinoy

“Insane. Rebels. Mavericks.

We’ve been called all those and more. They say we don’t respect “the way things should be done” and we should just adhere to the status quo.

People laughed. But we ignored them and launched a social revolution! We will soon become part of history.”

Ekspertong Pananaliksik Ng Mga Pangyayari Mula Sa Kritikong Pilipino.

Iyan ang lubos na hinahangad at ninanais ng mga bumubuo ng mga pahinang ito.

Dito mababasa ang mga hirit, hikbi, hiling, hinanakit at hinaing ng mga extra-ordinaryong mamamayan ng Pilipinas. Aming hayagang ipinararating sa pamahalaan ang mga dinaramdam na saloobin at mga ninanais na maisakatuparang pangarap at pagbabago. May kaakibat ring paniniwala at pag-asa na may makikinig,  makikisimpatiya at kikilos upang maituwid ang mga baluktot na pamamalakad at mapunuuan ang mga kakulangan sa nararapat na serbisyo ng gobyerno.


Getting “Social”

Yours truly got a special invite from the Ateneo Certified Digital Marketer Program to attend a free face-to-face session of the course Social Media Marketing which was scheduled today, July 12, 2012  and held at the Old Swiss Inn restaurant located at the Somerset Building in Makati.

The invitation says I was part of their “exclusive list”, and the event was limited only to 20 slots.

Wow!..I can’t imagine how I got to be part of this so called “exclusive” list but three things came into my mind:

1. Maybe they’ve found out that I’ve reached the 5k limit for my Facebook personal page and thought I would want to know how I could expand further my social networking reach.

2. or maybe they’ve read this blog and thought I could have the potential of becoming an “emerging influential” blogger if I only knew the tricks of the trade.

3. or maybe they’ve seen my face floating around the Internet and thought I was cute enough to be part of their “exclusive” list.

Well, my most credible assumption would be the third guess.


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