The Social Good Summit 2012 Inspired My First WIM Article

The Social Good Summit organized by Rappler and TweetupMNL was a huge success. The event was undoubtedly jam-packed, ….heck – the pre-registration was filled-up to the rim to which the organizers had to respond by saying the interested participants can try to walk-in coz we all know that some of those who registered online may not actually show up – for many valid or even “sublime” reasons.

…and for the fact that not all who have registered may be just trolls and not so sincere in attending. They just wanted to grab the reservation so if in case they actually made up their fuckin’ mind to attend, a seat is already reserved for them. The seemingly VIPs of the online world.


Social Good Summit After-Event Party: A Tweet-Up and a Few Drinks

I’ve learned a new word  last Saturday night and its “tweet-up”.

“Tweet-ups are glorified eye-balls and allow you to know people beyond 140 characters, beyond their geekiness. You meet like-minded people who share the same interests, who like the same things.”  That’s according to Ros Juan, one of the geeks that form part of TweetUpMNL.

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