Oppa Gangnam Style in My Games

Oppa Gangnam GTA V Niko Bellic Style – though he can’t really dance the Gangnam Style here. “I can imagine Niko with the voice of a korean, suddenly he seems not that intimidating lol.”

Psy must be Korea’s most popular artist right now as everyone is doing the Gangnam Style….even fans are incorporating the dance in my all-time favorite games…hehehe. What I have here right now is Final Fantasy, Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto…I’m sure there are a lot out there so I’m going to add it here once I see them.

Watch the funny video below:

Final Fantasy Gangnam Style – “Cloud and Sephiroth can really do the Gangnam ……beats Niko Bellic. Glad to see they finally found some common ground. Cloud should treat Sephiroth as his “sexy lady”. Excuse me while I die of laughter.”

Skyrim guards dancing to Oppa Gangnam Style! Become a guard, and only after years of patrolling the town of Whiterun will you have the skills to dance like this after an arrow to the knee. I was cracking up at the guy on the left just running in place.

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