My blog’s name is “Be Kind To Us Trolls” and not “Be Kind To Assholes”
Sounds the same and not that different.

I started this  blog just a few days ago (November 2011). I decided to transfer all my blabbering from my Facebook account to a WordPress Blog instead. So maybe you could give a noobie some pointers on how to improve it. I am still working my way around the themes, menus, widgets, etc., trying to figure out what would be the best look for my blog.

I am tied between making it humorous or serious….. or probably make it a combo of both.

I am also confused if I should make the posts a detailed analysis (which would make me out-of-date because I need to compile all the pertinent facts first) or just spur of the moment bite-size commentaries, more like a personal diary,  to make it easier to recall and not very tedious to read.

The problem is, there is so much information that I wish to share, a single paragraph would not be enough. Please forgive me if I would sometimes stray from the central topic, or if I have too many convoluted ideas all jumbled up into one post.

I am also arguing with myself If I want to be preachy and opinionated, or just tell the story as a third party observer.

One thing I wouldn’t want to take out is my penchant for adding my own personalized illustration or graphics.

As you could easily deduct, I am still searching for an idendity to call uniquely my own and not just a clone or imitation of another blog.

Thanks and more power to you, guys. ..and by the way, I am not after any award or recognition. I just want to learn how to bring out the best in me.

Thanks again.

* Credit of content would originate from my favorite writers like Raissa Robles, Ellen Tordesillas, Maria Ressa, and other great writers and bloggers out there, too many to mention. Plus accumulated information coming from the online sites of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, ABS-CBN 2, GMA 7. TV 5, etc. Twitter and Facebook shares as well.

Illustrations were created using very simple tools:

1. Googled images
2. MS Powerpoint
3. MS Paint
4. Creativity
5. Sense of Humor

Sorry, but if I knew how to use Adobe Photoshop, I could have done better graphics. 🙂

Donations for a digital camera would be appreciated.

…and again I am no writer and has no background in Journalism and the likes, so please bear with me if there are a lot of typo and grammatical errors..

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