The Best Dim Sum House in Cebu is Now in Manila

The favorite dim sum house in Cebu is now in Manila

Dimsum Break has just officially opened its very first branch in Manila located at the 3rd floor of SM Annex of SM City North EDSA with its grand launch a few days ago. The ribbon-cutting ceremonies were attended by corporate guests, members of the media and bloggers. There was also a dragon dance to drive away the evil spirits, and the best is the free-tasting of their very popular fried and steamed dim sums.


Are You Always a “Foodie” Blogger ?

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I noticed I’ve been also taking pictures of the food served to us whenever I attend events or any activities that is not really about the food. Like some are saying that before we just used to pray before eating our meals, now we pray and take pictures before the “sumptuous” act.

I am really a food blogger, but I still wouldn’t know what to say – the way prominent food bloggers say it that would increase your appetite not just by looking at the pictures but also by the “yummy” words and how they say it. Delectable, delicious, sumptuous, mouth-watering, etc.
Teach me how to say it, please!….or should I just tease you with the pictures of the many delectable food.

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