Perks And Privileges In The Philippine Government

We have heard news about excessive bonuses and allowances given to upper management and executives of the Philippine government. Do not leave out also the perks and privileges given to these blessed individuals, examples of which may come disguised in the form of communication and office automation requirements like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other high-tech gadgets and services, which are not only excessive but also redundant.

Corruption is an issue as old as governance itself. Filipinos therefore tend to be cynical about corruption in government. They are shocked that public officials are corrupt, although they may sometimes marvel at the magnitude of the thievery. Many have also started to accept it as part of the government culture because those who oppose or refuse to take part of the irregularities are alienated, reassigned, or worst, forcibly removed from office.

Now that the Aquino administration has been very determined to go after the perpetrators, more and more Filipinos are now raising issues about the effectiveness of government performance, the accountability of government institutions, and the transparency of government agencies. Many have also realized that democracy in itself does not ensue that government officials and institutions are immune to the corruption that plagued authoritarian regimes. The people should remain vigilant and keep a constant watch because there still exists many who can’t wait to get their idle hands on “evil” opportunities.

The Newsroom Credo

The Newsroom is a television show that seeks to portray – falsely- those in real-life mainstream media as neutral, truth-telling arbiters.

Aaron Sorkin’s new cable TV series imagines the quixotic quest for the perfect newsroom. It imagines one where bright journalists make quick decisions about what stories really mean – and present them as forcefully as possible, without trying to insert some artificial balance in stories where no parity exists.

At its worst, the show chokes on its own sanctimony, and suffers from the same flaw that it decries on real cable shows. Though the show is captivating, riveting, and rousing, it was also a condescending, smug, infuriating mixture and a potent potion that advertises itself as intelligence-enhancing but could actually just be crazy-making.

There’s no denying that Sorkin’s shows can be addictive: I couldn’t stop watching no matter how hard I tried.


August 2012 PH Mags

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August 2012 Philippine Magazines

Star Magic Metro Mag

Metro magazine’s August 2012 issue is out!

This celeb-filled issue is an exciting collaboration with Star Magic — 20 of their most beautiful actresses are in this issue, wearing spectacular ball gowns by 20 of the country’s top designers!

Bea Alonzo, Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes, and Kim Chiu grace the cover, plus Kaye Abad, Kristine Hermosa, Maricar Reyes, Maja Salvador, Shaina Magdayao, Vina Morales, Pokwang, Jodi Sta. Maria, Jessy Mendiola, Jewel Mische, Charee Pineda, Empress, Erich Gonzales, Andi Eigenmann, Melissa Ricks, and Megan Young all star in the special cover story!

Aquino Unlikes De Castro

Should there be an appropriate time and place for everything?

To everyone’s surprise, President Benigno S. Aquino criticized former Vice President Noli “Kabayan” De Castro in front of ABS-CBN executives including chairman and CEO Gabby Lopez, some Cabinet officials, and ABS-CBN employees durng TV Patrol’s 25th Anniversary celebration party where he was invited as special guest.

This is not the first time Aquino lambasted a person in his presence. In December 2011, the President took a swipe at then Chief Justice Renato Corona, who was sitting only a few steps away from him during a summit on the criminal justice system.


Pass The #RHBill Now!

Pass the Reproductive Health Bill Now!

Write a letter to your Congresscritter, mail it, and tell them how important it is that they attend the August  7 session. Let your Representatives know that if they absent themselves, they better make sure their names never show up on a ballot again. Voting is only to end debates on #RHBill. Antis don’t want this and might sabotage the quorum. Push your Reps to be PRESENT!

Sure, PNoy had 119 applause breaks during #SONA2012. And yet, the only one that had a standing ovation? Yep. #RHBill, guys!


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