Ramgen and Janelle Sex Video

Ramgen Revilla and Janelle Manahan Sex Video

An alleged sex video of the late Ramgen Revilla and his girlfriend murder-survivor Janelle Manahan  has gone viral over the internet and is now creating quite a buzz.

Are we desecrating the memory of the dead by spreading this vicious sex video of the victim with his girlfriend? Should the twisted minds that allowed this to spread virally over the Internet be prosecuted by the law? So what if Janelle and Ramgen had a sex video? Is somebody trying to use the social media for their extremely tasteless deed?

The sex video shows the victim inside a bathroom with his girlfriend. The video was shot by Ram himself while he and his girlfriend was having intimate coitus fun inside a bathroom. Janelle was fully aware of what Ram was doing because he was actually holding the camera.

It was said that the original video was uploaded on Facebook and YouTube but was immediately deleted due to the sites’ policies on nudity. Then someone uploaded the video somewhere where sexual content is allowed, and the rest of the online community started spreading the damn video. Thus another viral video on the loose. Persistence finally succeeded, but is somebody paying the price?

Sibling Blackmail

“This video represents the second assassination of Ramgen and second frustrated murder of Janelle orchestrated and masterminded by the Bautista household,” say Arcee Guevarra, lawyer of Janelle Manahan.

He said Manahan was distraught, shocked and cried after learning that the video was spreading like wildfire all over the online community.

A lot of people in forums and blogs speculate that a person close to Ramgen Revilla did it. Some say this video is being used against Janelle Manahan to prevent her from testifying. Could there more revealing videos?

The rumor is that somebody from Ramgen’s family was the original source of this video for they alone have the access to Ramgen’s personal belongings, including his digital video camera and laptop computer, where the video may have been saved. The lawyer also divulged of a blackmail being done by one of the Revilla younger siblings which proclaims “You are not clean ate Janelle!”

Should I not dare post the link of the video out of respect to the departed? But, for educational and investigative purposes, you could send me a request for the links via the comment portion below. That is, if the links I found available online are still functioning and have not been put down yet.

A Troubled Family

The brutal murder of Ramgen Revilla, son of former senator Ramon Revilla Sr, hugged the headlines last 2011. It has some melodramatic, and even funny, elements into it because the perpetrators of the crime were so amateurishly stupid. Allegedly, the masterminds hired killers but eventually did it themselves in the end. The masterminds behind the killing were rumored to be members of the victim’s family who had it with Ramgen’s insanely arrogant and autocratic dominion over the family’s finances, making this brutal episode one for the books, or more appropriately, the telenovelas.

Janelle Manahan was also shot but survived. She is now the primary witness to the crime. She has divulged many personal information about Ramgen’s family, including Genellyn Magsaysay’s alleged schizoprenia, and is now the prime witness against two siblings of Ramgen – Ramon Joseph (who is now detained in prison) and Ramona (who fled to Turkey immediately a few days after the murder, and is now nowhere to be found) – who were tagged as the masterminds in the Oct. 28 murder. Manahan also wanted another Revilla’s younger sibling, Gail, and her husband Hiro Furuyama included in the charge sheet because of recent statements coming from other witnesses (the original group hired to kill Ramgen).

Meanwhile, the Bautista family lawyer Jeffrey Gepte said it’s “absurd” to blame the family because “it’s a private matter between Ramgen and Janelle. So it would be very absurd for the whole Bautista family to know about it.”

Before Manahan’s lawyer starts pointing fingers, Gepte said they should first find out if only Revilla had a copy of the video.

Anti-Voyeurism Law

Actor and Senator Bong Revilla, Ramgen’s half-brother, is asking the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to help identify and prosecute the perpetrators behind the online uploading of the video. Revilla asked the NBI to conduct an investigation and arrest the culprits and prosecute them under the Anti-Voyeurism Law of 2009 (RA 9995), which the senator co-authored after explicit videos of Hayden Kho with different women spread online. The law punishes the unauthorized and unconsented publication and uploading of videos.

“Sobrang pambababoy ang ginagawa nila sa kapatid ko. Karumal-dumal na nga ang pagkamatay ni Ramgen, sinisira pa nila ang pagkatao, Mas grabe pa ang pambababoy na ginagawa nila kay Janelle. Grabe na ang kanyang pinagdaanan, at pilit pa nilang niyuyurakan ang pagkababae nito ngayon,” Revilla said in a statement.

The senator said every person who downloads, copies and sends the video is guilty of violating the law, regardless if they were the original uploaders. Whoa, I better start deleting the ones I uploaded for documentation purposes…hehehe,  joke!

However, since the web is an intricate connection of computers, thousands may have already seen the video, and may have already saved a copy in their PC’s hard drives. As a matter of fact, as of today, I was still able to see several active links where you could either view or download it. Is the NBI going to locate and arrest all of these people? The law may be too difficult to successfully implement in full.

Violating the Anti-Voyeurism Law carries a penalty of three years to seven years in prison and a fine of from P100,000 to P500,000.

Will this sex video exculpate the killers from their deed? Will this sex video even affect the credibility of Janelle Manahan?

What will be the next move of those foul-breathed fire-spitting dragons?

Unbeaten: The King Of All Scandals (Pinoy)

There has been a lot of Pinoy sex video scandals out there but until now nothing beats the king of all sex video scandals.

It started with a “careless whisper” video of Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho. Then came out the scandal videos of Hayden Kho and Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho plus the Brazilian Model Mariana Del Rio. A source from the Hayden camp said that allegedly there were still 40 other videos which involved other showbiz personalities.

Hayden Kho’s lawyer denied that there are still 40 sex videos in existence. Her client said that there were only three women and the speculation on the other videos were not true. However Lawyer of Vicky Belo has recently confirmed that there was also a Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo scandal circulating. So that makes her the 4th woman involved in the Hayden Kho Sex Scandal compilation videos.

Rumored next was a Rufa Mae Quinto and Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal. The famous commediene has admitted that she indeed had a sex video. She has strongly denied this before.

There was also the super latest installment of the ‘Hayden Kho Sex Videos Scandal saga. This time it was the Princess “Missing Link Queen” Velasco. She was the former girlfriend of Dr. Herbert “Bistek” Rosario. This lady worked in Belo Medical Group with the help of Dr. Hayden “Doc Henry” Kho, since Doc Henry and Bistek were friends.

As we all know, this Lady Gaga became the partner in crime of Doc Henry. Now, Bistek and Doc Henry are not friends anymore because of the said business-ex partnership between Doc Henry and the Missing Link Queen turned to be the Lady GaGa of the Philippines.

Princess Velasco is now a recording artist and part of ASAP’s Sessionista singing mostly acoustic songs. Somehow, her involvement with the Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandals catapulted her to fame and recognition just like what happened to Maricar Reyes who is now a popular TV and Movie actress. She was not that well-known before the scandal, and mostly appeared only in modelling stints and TV commercials.

In addition another sex video with Katrina Halili also came out: sequel or prequel?

I heard that indeed KC Concepcion and Hayden Kho had a sex video scandal following Hayden Khos’ tryst with his other ladies. It was believed that this video was bought from the owner of the video for millions of pesos by KC Concepcion’s mother Sharon Cuneta and Her Senator Husband Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan nonetheless all of these are considered pure hearsay.

There was also a rumored Hayden Kho and Model Beauty Queen Priscilla Meirelles  and a Hayden Kho and Bianca Araneta sex video.….Wow to the highest level!  I don’t know if want to salute Hayden Kho for being a ladies man, or tear him apart for recording his intimate moments with his ladies. This guy was really something else.

These sex videos were even compiled in DVD known as the “Hayden Sex Video Scandals” by the likes of Quiapo pirates. I’m sure those who have not been able to find it over the Internet before bought a copy of these DVDs from their “suking” Quiapo vendor.

It is believed that the person who released these videos was the same person who gave Hayden’s stolen laptop to Vicki that caused their split before. Rumors had it that this person and his group of friends used the videos to punish Hayden for wronging Vicki Belo…or was it Vicky Belo herself who spread the video?

“The question is, ano kaya ang pumasok sa utak ng kumag na ito and biglang nag-isip ng pagdo-doktor??? This guy modelled for a while then stopped to pursue a medical career in UST. Then after finishing his medical course, bakit bigla niyang naisipan din mag-artista and prior to that, bigla niyang kalantariin si Vicki la whore!

Hayden, if you were dead serious with modelling, then you should have gone for “model-turned-artista” than a “doctor-turned-artista” life. Being a doctor is one of the most respectable professions and yet you are making it a “bad word” with the scandals and media-whorin’ habits you’re doing. Tapos, anung suicidal drama ang ipinalabas mo in the past?????

Hahahahhaha! You’re fucking completely mental!

I think budding doctors should not only undergo OJT at some hospitals and passing board exams, but they should also undergo psychological/behavioral tests so that FIT or UNFIT to be doctors could be determined earlier, and this plastic-addict-cockhead is not fit to be a doctor. Not even an artista!

Girlies and fags, lambast me if you want to. But even as a woman, I won’t drool over someone who is definitely a cockhead!”

Hayden Kho was removed of his professional license by the PRC because of these sex scandals.

But as we all know now, Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho are back together again after everything that happened.

Hhhmmmm…life is really a bitch!

Other Historical Scandals

There were other scandals that made a mark in the news as well. Let me enumerate some of them:

1. Anne Curtis Wardrobe Malfunction

There was Anne Curtis’ Wardrobe Malfunction or nip slip during a dance performance at Boracay for the ABS-CBN’s ASAP XV show. Her swimsuit dress top slipped down and her breast was exposed.

As soon as her top of the swimsuit slid, many onlookers and fans with cell phones and camcoders filmed it and all the footage instantly was on the net.

The swimsuit malfunction has really upset Anne Curtis. She says that the people should have showed some respect.

“It really can’t be helped, but to upload it or to even spread it, that’s what makes me sad. It’s really disheartening to know that there are people who are like that. Why do they have to do this to me?”

“It really was an accident that happened.” she said. “It is a bit upsetting that it had to come to this.”

There were rumors that singer and host Karylle had a swimsuit malfunction also on the same show during the same day. Two nip slips in one show. That was hot!

2. Rhian Ramos And DJ Mo Twister’s Kissing Scandal

I posted a blog before about the DJ Mo Twister Abortion Scandal where a video shows Mo crying about the alleged abortion that her former girlfriend Rhian Ramos had. In the video he said that it was the pressure from Rhian’s manager and TV station that made her decide to abort their baby.


It seems the story of their break-up is perpetuating as there is another video that would keep the fire burning on the DJ Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos break-up story.

A Youtube video of an alleged kissing scandal of DJ Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos has surfaced and is also going viral.

It is undeniable that it is indeed DJ Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos that were on the kissing scene video. Rhian Ramos was even the one who is dry pumping DJ Mo Twister and not the other way around.

However, it is something that cannot be remarked as scandal since both have clothes on while doing some happy moments in a couch while capturing it via webcam. It’s just one of those intimate moments that you share with your special someone.

It’s not really a scandal at all.

Mo Twister releases a statement about this 2nd viral video ‘Playful Kiss’ with Rhian Ramos quoting again that he was not the behind the upload, “This latest video was not one in my possession. It was not recorded on my laptop,” he stressed.

Here is the full statement of Mo Twister as posted recently on his Tumbler account:

“I hope this all ends soon. I don’t even know how we are getting to this point. I know so many theories are out there on how these videos are being uploaded online. I hope I can be as clear as possible that this is not my doing. This latest video was not one in my possession. It was not recorded on my laptop. Actually, at this point, it doesn’t even matter what your opinions are or who you put to blame for this. These files are amongst some of our more private and intimate moments and right now, it looks like even though I ask/beg the person to stop uploading these videos, it will not make a difference. I hope this will all end soon.”

Apparently, Rhian Ramos has already moved on as it was reported that she now has a new boyfriend, Jeric Lacson, son of Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson. This was confirmed by the senator himself.

However, reports say that Mo Twister and Jeric Lacson had exchanged words all because of Rhian.

Final Note:

With the easy access to a recording device nowadays, may it be through a portable video camera, a diminutive or camouflaged spy camera, an integrated webcam on your laptop, PSP or Ipad, or using your cellphone’s video recording capability, every action even private, intimate or personal could be captured and preserved for memories and keepsakes.

But other people, with dastardly evil or naughty minds, are using it to either spread chaos and disorder, ruin a reputation or credibility, get even with an enemy or ex, or simply just to show the world that he has captured a moment so worth of a broadcast for people to see him as powerful –  enough to probably boost his already failing ego.

For us who are not directly involved with the personalities in the videos, do we really need to spread them all over the Internet? To humiliate the individuals on the videos? To feel proud and show everyone we were among the first to have a copy of the video?

Or are we really just obligated to “inform” others of the video’s existence, and allow others to judge and scrutinize for themselves?

“(Instead na kumuha ng mga sex videos at ito’y ipagkalat,) mula sa araw na ito (ng 2012), gamit ang video camera mula sa mga nagkalat na gadgets, bakit hindi mo umpisahang i-record ang sa tingin mo’y mga mahahalagang pangyayari sa buhay mo at kapaligiran ngayong taon? Pagpasok ng 2013, ipunin mo ang lahat ng video, gamit ang mga tutorials sa Internet, kunin mo ang mga eksena na sa palagay mo ay kailangan mong maibahagi sa ibang tao at gumawa ka ng pelikula tungkol sa kung papaano mo nalagpasan ang END OF THE WORLD.” – TANGINA THIS

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    ang babuy nyo


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    Kung gagawa kayo ng video tapos upload nyo sa internet, siguraduhin nyong malinaw.Modern Age na, gumamit kayo ng mga HIgh-Def na cameras.

    Dapat kayong kasuhan sa mga malalabo nyong sex videos.


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