Help Me Create A New Bloggers Group!


Hey guys,

A few of my blogger friends has asked me to create our own group or network of bloggers that will be very different from the existing blogger groups which we believe are just too damn “complicated” and “inconvenient” for having too many restricting rules or requirements, and just existing primarily to become a means to get more hits or higher page ranks.

I understand the necessity for “law and order”,and the need to promote our blogs to stardom, but many are complaining its making blogging less fun and …well…a bit taxing for us who are just blogging for fun, as a past time, as a hobby, as a part-time productive means to spend…. or waste time, etc., and “not entirely” for profit, page rank, number of page views or hits, or even fame and recognition. We just want to blog and be happy with it, not deal with the complexities of comments exchange (and the likes) and learn to “police” or “discipline” ourselves to become professional and dependable bloggers.

To be fair, transparent and open to all, with no deception or trying to outdo each other. Our aim is to become a more united, with less issues and grievances, and helping each other out to excel and work well with PRs and clients who require our help and services.

Gone are the days when blogs are meant to express and not to impress? I hope not!

So could you help me out on your perception of an ideal bloggers group and how it should be laid out, and a great and descriptive name we should call the group?

Thanks, and let me know if you wish to join this group.

Pacman ….. Is His Loss A Sign For Retirement?

pacman loss

I have to share this very short but meaningful message of When In Manila’s Editor-In-Chief, Vince Golangco, about the defeat of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao..

So sorry for Pacman’s loss but he still wins a lot of “money” though, and everyone is also admiring his attitude towards his defeat.

Long live Pacman!


The Best Dim Sum House in Cebu is Now in Manila

The favorite dim sum house in Cebu is now in Manila

Dimsum Break has just officially opened its very first branch in Manila located at the 3rd floor of SM Annex of SM City North EDSA with its grand launch a few days ago. The ribbon-cutting ceremonies were attended by corporate guests, members of the media and bloggers. There was also a dragon dance to drive away the evil spirits, and the best is the free-tasting of their very popular fried and steamed dim sums.


Are You Always a “Foodie” Blogger ?

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I noticed I’ve been also taking pictures of the food served to us whenever I attend events or any activities that is not really about the food. Like some are saying that before we just used to pray before eating our meals, now we pray and take pictures before the “sumptuous” act.

I am really a food blogger, but I still wouldn’t know what to say – the way prominent food bloggers say it that would increase your appetite not just by looking at the pictures but also by the “yummy” words and how they say it. Delectable, delicious, sumptuous, mouth-watering, etc.
Teach me how to say it, please!….or should I just tease you with the pictures of the many delectable food.

Heart and Chiz : Puso at Keso – In Short “PuKe”

Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero? A love couple?

“Puso at Keso” – In short, PuKe!

Whether its in Tagalog or English, both are not really good words to hear. ….and it goes the same for what I have to say about the two.

They’re quite an odd couple. The age difference is very obvious. Probably the only common thing I see is that they are both seen as popular personalities infront of the camera, but each one has different “fans” because one is in politics and the other one is in showbiz.

But wait just a minute, isn’t it almost one and the same already as you could see celebrities going into politics (the latest of which is Aga Muhlach seeking for a congressional seat in the fourth district of Camarines Sur), and politicians selling themselves as if they are celebrities (we see a lot of them endorsing products and services, and some guesting on TV).

Chiz Escudero was even seen as a special guest co-host of Kris Aquino in her morning talk show Kris TV.


Social Media and Blogging Summit Fever

Social media is indeed phenomenal! Blogs are definitely influential!

No one would disagree with me that the magic of social media has made an influence to us one way or the other. Facebook and Twitter being the most popular nowadays.

Noone can also go against me in a debate and try to contradict the fact the blogs are more taken seriously than relying on the paid product advertisements or endorsements.

What is the reason behind their success?

People believe in “real” people!


Ang Paglalakbay ng mga Bloggers sa Laguna

Handog ko sa inyo ang isang tula buhat sa aking dila na suddenly ay naging Makata. Sige na naman ako ay pagbigyan. Minsan lang naman ito at hindi naman madalas ang perwisyo.

Kung Ok na sa inyo ay ipagpapatuloy ko na. Isang tula na nagkukuwento tungkol sa aming paglalakbay sa Laguna. Haluan rin ng isang nakakahiyang pag-amin.


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